Liturgy Intentions

May the Lord God remember His servant in His kingdom, at all times, now and always and forever and ever.

holy-eucharistWhen we gather as a Church for the Holy Eucharist, we enter into communion with Christ our God, and with and in Him, with all the living and dead Christians, all the angels and saints. At that time, we intercede for living and deceased members of the community. Their names are sung aloud during the procession bringing the bread and wine to the altar. If you wish to have someone remembered by name, please call the office and arrange for the day and time. If you wish the intention printed in the bulletin, please arrange for it on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week preceding the Sunday Liturgy you prefer (the bulletins are printed mid-week). Sunday Liturgies are at 9:00 AM (English), 11:30 AM (English and Arabic), and 6:00 PM (Spanish). Once the holy gifts have been prepared and veiled before the service, no more names can be added.