Ladies’ Guild
The National Association of Melkite Women (NAMW) was founded in 1986 by Archbishop Joseph Tawil, of blessed memory. Our purpose is to promote and support vocations to the priesthood and religious life in the United States. We communicate with all of the women’s groups in our parishes hoping to make each one aware of what others are doing to further our goal. Our feast day is the Sunday of the Ointment Bearing Women. These women followed Jesus around, ministering to Him out of their own resources. NAMW uses its resources to minister to our Eparchy.
Men’s Society
The general purpose of this organization is to foster a fellowship of men who are committed to the teachings of Christ; and through this fellowship, the individual gifts and talents of each member are strengthened, shared and used for the common support of our Church, our pastor and our parish.
The Society of Publicans
The Society of Publicans invites you to pray daily for the parishes and institutions of our Melkite Church in America—for the clergy, monastics, catechists and all the faithful—with the particular intention for the renewal of our spiritual life in Christ. LEARN MORE